PAM & PAMW Vaporizers – Air Mixers

PAM Series Direct-Fired Vaporizer-Mixers provide an economical, dependable source of propane-air mixture to replace natural gas for any industrial or commercial use up to 73,500 SCFH at as high as 30 PSI. Applications include factories, hospitals, schools, office buildings, small utilities and many others. They are individually factory-tested and calibrated on propane and shipped ready for use.
Why a Mixer?
LP-Gas is a highly concentrated source of energy, with 2516 BTU’s per cubic foot gross heat content. It is too rich to use as a substitute for natural gas without dilution. The Ransome mixer blends in just the right amount of air for an equivalent mixture. A mixture with specific gravity of 1.31 (1480 BTU/Cu. Ft.) will approximately match 0.6 specific gravity natural gas with 1ooo BTU/Cu. Ft. gross heat content.

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Standard Features
• Exclusive Ransome Gasonic venturis maintain close control of air-gas mixture.
• Safety shutdown interlocks protect installation from damage or hazard due to excessive or insufficient temperatures and pressures. Complete complement of safety shutdown interlocks is provided with standard models including: high propane vapor pressure; low propane vapor pressure; high mixed gas pressure; low mixed gas pressure; high vaporizer temperature; low mixed gas temperature.
• Simple, safe electrical control system, properly grounded and fused, for long, dependable service life.
• Dual air valves on each venturi prevent leakage of mixed gas into air inlet system.
• Multiple venturis provide quieter operation, with much smaller surge tanks than larger, single venturi systems.
• Gas-Air mixture is adjustable over a wide range to match natural gases with different specific gravities and heat contents.
• Same dependable, compact, multiple-tube vaporizer construction as used in RH Series.
• Each machine is tested and calibrated on propane under field conditions. Certified Test Data Report is provided.
• Modular design provides maximum capacity in a compact, rectangular unit. Nearly 74,000 SCFH natural gas can be replaced by a single PAM 1000-50 occupying less than 24 square feet
• Models are available in a complete range of sizes from 10,000 to 50,000 SCFH mixed gas, eliminating the need to buy more capacity than required.
• All sizes are capable of infinite turndown and will maintain a ready supply of mixed gas from zero load to full capacity. At zero load, only enough heat will be generated to maintain temperature and prevent condensation

Standard units are venturi-type, built in accordance with Factory Mutual.
SPECIFY DESIRED SETTING. Factory tested and calibrated to deliver 1.31 specific gravity (1480 BTU/Cu. Ft.) propane-air mix. Other Gases can be utilized such as butane, butane-propane mixes, natural gas, etc. Consult the factory for their application. 110V AC, 1 PH control voltage standard; other voltages available on request.

(1) Units may be paralleled to achieve greater capacities.
(2) Natural Gas; S.G.U. = .6 Gross Heat Content 1000 BTU/Cu. Ft.
(3) Mixed Gas; Propane-Air, S.G.U. = Gross Heat Content 1480 BTU/Cu. Ft.