ASME Domestic Tanks

Ransome Tanks are built to the highest standards demanded by customers who want their investment to last with little or no maintenance.

Standard Features
• To increase longevity and assure a surface preparation clean of all rust and mill scale, each tank is thoroughly shot blasted before painting.
• After priming and applying a finish coat 3 mills thick, all tanks are cured under heat lamps to produce a protective coating that is not only
attractive but so durable it will last for many years.
• Other features include extra heavy legs with anchoring holes that will not collapse under severe snow loads or if accidentally dropped.
• Forged steel lifting eyes that do not bend during moving or selling tanks.
• All tank fillings are neatly tucked under a well vented protective dome.

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• Openings in addition to the standard
• Vapor Return Valve
• Internal Valves, Excess Flow Valves and other fittings as requested
• Stainless Steel Legs

• Filler Valve
• Service Valve
• Fixed Liquid Level Bleeder Valve
• Relief Valve
• Float Gauge
• Top Mounted Emergency Liquid Withdrawal
• Plugged Bottom Liquid Outlet on 325 gallon tanks and larger