Parafour Dispensers

The P4-150 is the most capable and feature rich Autogas dispenser available. Single meter, dual hose, designed for the Gasguard GG20 Autogas nozzle and various cylinder fill nozzles. The P4-150 is the most flexible dispenser for propane resellers available. Attractive, functional and durable, the P4-150 gives a fresh and professional image to sites servicing a variety of customers. Cylinders, forklift tanks, RV’s, mower tanks or Autogas, this compact package does it all. Fully NETP certified for installation with NTEP approved meters and fuel management systems (Compatible fleet and retail card readers/POS and consoles). The P4-150 is a full retail capable Autogas dispenser, equally desirable in a fleet only application. Designed and built in accordance with UL 495/1238, and NFPA 58/30A.