Reciprocating Compressors for LPG & Ammonia

Corken’s plain style reciprocating compressors utilize one set of V-ring packing or, a combination of V-ring and segmented packing per packing rod. Neither of these packing arrangements are oil-free designs. If oil-free gas compression is required, Corken’s D-Style and T-Style compressors are recommended. With the exception of the model D891, all D-Styles are oil free. Since the D891 is not an oil-free compressor, it is used in the same applications as our plain style compressor.
Plain style compressors are typically used in non-toxic, non-corrosive applications where oil-free gas is not required and leakage containment is not critical. LPG (propane & butane), agricultural ammonia, and natural gas applications are where a single packed plain style compressor fits well.

Note: ‘D’ Indicates Dual Seal (Industrial Model)