Hose End Valves

-Available in standard or fluted handle configuration
-All stainless steel component construction
-Durable cast iron valve body with baked powdercoat finish
-Vents less than .50cc for minimal loss of product at disconnect
-Toggle handle and stem assembly rotates 360′
-Self locking toggle handle prevents accidental operation
-No additional adapters or connectors needed for operation
-Optional extended version offers 6 inches of additional reach for filling
underground containers or other hard to reach applications
-Optional Composite style offers a durable lightweight handle that is
resistant to frosting and cold transfer during the filling operation

The EZ TURN hose end swivel connector allows the hose end valve to rotate 360 degrees creating an easier connection to the tank filler valve while under pressure. It also promotes hose life by preventing twisting and kinking during reeling and unreeling from hose reel.

Featuring all stainless steel internal components allowing for use in both LP Gas and NH3 applications. Application: This hose end valve provides the user with instant full-on, full-off operation with the added protection of a self-locking handle to prevent accidental opening of the valve.
Designed to allow minimal loss of LP Gas and anhydrous ammonia when disconnected from filler valves on bulk tanks and nurse tanks.