Copper Pigtails and Hogtails

Pigtails provide flexible connection between the container valve and the regulator. These pigtail and hogtail assemblies come with two brass connectors brazed onto a heavy wall annealed copper tube with a 250 psig pressure rating. The 1/4′ and 3/8″ tube have a pull test rating of 500 and 750 pounds respectively. UL listed and tested in
accordance with UL 569. Different applications require specific pigtail and hogtail assemblies. Special attention is required when ordering to ensure the proper assembly is purchased for the intended application. Marshall Excelsior recommends every new installation or replacement regulator have a new pigtail installed.

Standard POL – Full length nipple suitable for most LP-Gas installations.
Economy POL – Short nipple for use where cylinders are changed infrequently.
Heavy Duty POL – Full length nipple with large (1-1/8′) hex flats for longer service life where cylinders are changed frequently.