Full Port Globe and Angle Valves

– Globe Valve seat area tilted to 35° angle for maximum product flow.- Globe valve design is ergonomically correct for Bobtail, Transport & Bulk Plant applications.
Up to 70% more flow than the nearest competitor
– Globe models available with male acme thread outlets.
– All stainless steel internal components with rotating seat disc design & V-cup teflon packing stem seals.
– Durable ductile iron body and flange cap with automotive grade powder coat finish.
– 1/4″ FNPT plugged accessory ports upstream and downstream of valve seat.
– Standard Nitril seat seal, optional Teflon or Viton seat seal.
Provides a positive shut-off valve that is highly reliable with full flow performance.

Integrated Back Check Feature (IBC): These globe and angle valve models incorporate an integrated backcheck feature to allow trapped downstream pressure to automatically bypass to the upstream side of the valve. These valves are designed for systems with flow in one direction, creating a closed loop system that prevents the product fro relieving to the atmosphere making for a low emission, more environmentally friendly option.