Compact Integral Two Stage Regulators

The MEGR291 Two-Stage Regulators are approved for use In nearly all portable applications and outdoor cooking appliances utilizing low pressure. They feature all zinc body construction, high and low 1/8″ NPT pressure tap ports, an integral second stage drip lip vent and optional standard or 90 degree vent locations.

The MEGR291H High Capacity Compact lntegral Two Stage Regulator is ideally suited for high demand RV, outdoor appliances, cabins, seasonal homes, gas fire places,  water heaters, ranges and other moderate to low demand domestic home installations. (Green bonnet Identifies high capacity model).

Tha MEGR300 Compact Integral Two Stage 2 psi Regulator is ideally suited for installations to reduce tank pressure to a nominal 2 psi outlet pressure. 2 psi systems  typically incorporate a line service regulator within the home that further reduces the 2 psi system pressure to approximately 11″ WC prior to the appliance. (Red bonnet identifies 2 psi model).

The MEGR291, MEGR291H and MEGR300 Series regulators meet UL, RVIA, and NFPA requirements.